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First steps after completing the onboarding - payee
First steps after completing the onboarding - payee

Everything you need to know after finishing onboarding as a payee.

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The onboarding process ensures that we capture all the information needed, and you finish it by creating your Rise ID. You'll be able to learn more about the onboarding and the Rise ID.

Here are a few steps to ensure that everything is set up to receive and withdraw your payment.

Get Invited by your client

The client invitation is done on their end, and they only need your email. Usually, the invitation is accepted before finishing the onboarding. However, if that's not your case, contact your client and ask them to invite you. You'll see as an action item a pending invitation.

If you don't see an action item, check your email.

Singing the PSA document

The PSA is a document that guarantees the working relationship between you and your client and that Rise is the entity processing payments. You can find it under the Documents section. However, your client must sign it first; if they haven't already, please contact them.

Once both have signed the PSA, here's how it will look in your document section.

Receiving a payment

Once the invitation is accepted and the PSA signed, you'll become eligible to receive payments. You can either issue an invoice with the details of your work, or your client will send the payment.

When an invoice is issued, it does not mean that the money will automatically go to your account since your client must issue the payment, which will then go to your account instantly. Please feel free to check these articles for more information about invoices.

Withdrawing your payment

Upon receiving a payment, you can withdraw it. Please look at these articles to understand how to set up and perform a withdrawal and the best practices for every type of withdrawal.

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