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How to Add Funding Options?
How to Add Funding Options?

You can add different types of funding otpions. In this article we go through all of them.

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At Rise, our mission is clear: to provide our valued customers with an unmatched, globally adaptable payment and compliance solution. We're thrilled to announce a significant expansion in our funding capabilities, ensuring you have the flexibility for seamless financial operations.

Expanded Funding Choices

Now, you have the freedom to fund your Rise account in the manner that best suits your business needs:

  • Wire Transfer from a Bank Account

  • Crypto Transfer from a Verified Wallet

  • Crypto Transfer from an Exchange Account

To make this transition as smooth as possible, we've prepared a comprehensive "How To" guide to walk you through each step of the process.

Accessing Your Funding Options

Step One: Within the Rise platform, navigate to the "Fund" section from the navigation menu.

Step Two: Add a new funding account by selecting "Create a New Account."

Step Three: Choose the type of account you wish to link.

Bank Account for Wire Transfers

Step One: Opt for "Wire Transfer."

Step Two: Input your Bank Name, select your Country, and enter your Routing Number/SWIFT.

Step Three: Save your bank information by clicking "Save Bank Information," you're all set.

Verified Crypto Wallet for Crypto Transfers

This option involves linking a wallet while verifying ownership through our Verify Wallet application.

Step One: Choose a token from the Blockchain wallet screen.

Step Two: Validate your wallet by selecting the appropriate Network.

Step Three: Connect your preferred Web3 wallet by choosing "Connect Wallet."

Pro Tip: Verifying your wallet opens doors to valuable benefits. After verification, you can link external accounts, log in to Rise, and share your attestation link.

Dedicated Deposit Address for Crypto Transfers:

This option involves generating a specific address for incoming funds.

Step One: Pick your preferred network or protocol.

Step Two: Copy the deposit address and send funds directly from your Web3 wallet.

Note: Ensure you select the correct network to ensure the safety of your funds.

Embrace the New Horizon

That's the process—simple, seamless, and empowering. We're committed to continuously rolling out features that drive your business growth with Rise. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us, and stay tuned for the exciting innovations we have in store. Your success is our priority, and Rise is here to elevate your financial journey.

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