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How to add delegates?
Updated over a week ago

The RiseID system provides a secure way to interact with our platform. Each RiseID has an Owner Wallet, and additional Delegate wallets can be added. These Delegate wallets can approve tasks such as Payments, Funding, Withdrawals, and Creating Pay Schedules on behalf of the RiseID owner.

Delegates are needed when you want to use a wallet with a different address from the one used to create the RiseID (Owner Wallet). You may encounter an error message if you try to connect a non-owner wallet. To resolve this issue, add the wallet as a delegate.

To add Delegates, follow these steps:

  1. If you have a web3 wallet as the owner, click the "Connect Wallet" button to proceed with the connection. If you have an RSK wallet as the owner, you will be asked to enter the password later in the process.

  2. Go to the RiseID tab and navigate to the Pay Permission Delegates section. Select "Add Delegates" to begin the process.

  3. A pop-up will appear with instructions to add the delegate. Choose the Wallet you want to add as a Delegate. Enter the Wallet Name and Wallet Address. Using the MetaMask extension, you can obtain the address by clicking the copy button.

  4. If you connect a web3 wallet, the request will be processed, and the delegate will be added. Using an RSK wallet will prompt you to enter the password before the delegate is added. Once added, you can view the Delegates in the Active Delegates section.

You can use the newly added wallet if you need to add more Delegates.

If you have questions about RiseID or connecting a Web3 wallet to Rise, please contact us directly.

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